About Andrea Elle

A twenty-something year old girl who believes that if you can't do it in real life, turn it into a story. 

When I was younger, I wrote a few fan fictions here and there. Some were published on websites and others were on message boards. I love how reading and writing can be a place to escape your world and whatever troubles you may be going through in it, and travel to another world.


I first found out about the Episode Interactive app after downloading the stand-alone Demi Lovato app in 2015. I started experimenting with writing in "Classic" in November 2015 but never published anything until September 2016.

As a woman of color, I also am a firm believer that representation and diversity matter. I strive to learn more and more and how to correctly incorporate them into my stories so that everyone feels included.

Credit for this edit goes to @andreaelle.fanpage on Instagram.